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More about feeding your soul and why it’s so important

Do you ever do something you absolutely love and you get a feeling like you’re high or something? You feel extra happy, kind and want to do more of it? That’s exactly what it means to be feeding your soul. Your soul is so happy when you do the things that you love. There are so many things you can do to make your mind and body feel warm and fuzzy.

For example: My routine to feed my soul is so simple, but I feel like I’m top of the world every time. The first thing i like to do is clean. Even when i clean the night before- something about cleaning the house relaxes me and prepares me for the day. After doing so, I set my intention for the day. I like to script every morning, so I get excited for right now and the future. After i script i like to mediate and at that point THAT’S when i get to my ultimate high. Then the rest of the day is different every day. I get stuff done, do more of my soul-feeding activities and go to bed feeling productive. Some afternoon activities I like to do is paint, bathe, walk, yoga, play piano and cook!

The more you feed your soul- the quicker/easier you will manifest your perfect life because you are raising your vibrations! You will see such a difference once you start being selfish for once 🙂

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