About Me

Hi! My name is Aggie…actually if were being technical its Agnieszka. Call me whatever you want just don’t call me late for dinner! Ha!

I’ll show you a sneak peak about my life. All you’ll mostly see is my spirituality, family, friends, capturing moments, and most importantly my dog, Honeybee.

I do indeed have a dog that is prettier than me. I’ve accepted it and were moving on now.

This is Honeybee being natural and caught off guard.
I think I forgot what if feels like to be at a concert… Can’t stop listening & finding new music 🙂
The best roommate/soulmate I could ever ask for; Jasmine
Absolutely 1000% recommend my boyfriend, Austin, as your travel buddy. (Actually we come together…sorry)

And a lotttttt more of me if you enjoy travel vidoes/pictures, bloody mary’s, and the Law of Attraction.

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